Q: When are the Sunday worship services held, and what languages are used during these services?

A: Sunday worship services are held regularly at 10 am in the MLC Chapel inside of Nordia House. Both Finnish and English languages are used during these services, providing an inclusive experience for everyone.

For the latest Sunday service updates and to stay informed about all upcoming church events, kindly send an email to info@portlandfinnishchurch.org with the subject line: "Finnish Church Newsletter."

Q: What other activities and events does the church offer to the Finnish-American community?

A: The church organizes various activities and events for the Finnish-American community, providing opportunities for fellowship and cultural engagement. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Q: Is there an opportunity to socialize and practice Finnish language skills after the services?

A: Yes, indeed! "Kahvi-aika" (coffee time) follows the services, offering a chance for fellowship with coffee, refreshments, and special treats. It's a great time to chat with friends in your native tongue or enhance your Finnish language skills.

Q: Can I attend church events even if I'm not fluent in Finnish or English?

A: Absolutely! Our events are designed to be inclusive, and we welcome participants of all language proficiency levels. Whether you are fluent or just starting to learn, you'll find a warm and welcoming community at our events. Tervetuloa! (Welcome!)

Q: Do I have to be a practicing Lutheran to attend church services?

A: No, we welcome everyone! You don't need to be a practicing Lutheran to attend our church services. Feel free to join us and experience a Finnish church service with hymnals, and enjoy the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. All are invited to be a part of our community.