Finnish Messiah
Lutheran Church

Portland, Oregon


Our Congregation

The members of the congregation continue to have their roots in Finland. Many of the active members are immigrants from Finland, descendants of immigrants, or married to Finns. Many in the Finnish community belong to their neighborhood churches yet support the Finnish church by attending special events and services as well as through financial contributions. Many travel long distances to come to church.

Our Pastors

In recent years, the church has invited retired pastors from Finland to come and serve on a volunteer basis. We are especially grateful to pastors Seppo Airas and Jouko Paukkunen for their continued support and friendship - and willingness to return several times. Lay members of the congregation lead church services between the visits of pastors from Finland.

Please visit - All are welcome! Tervetuloa! 🇫🇮

8800 SW Oleson Road, Portland, Oregon 97223

Our gatherings take place in
the MLC Room inside of Nordia House.